Kinesiology uses muscle testing to tap into the body's energy systems and subconscious to see beneath the surface. The release of blocked energy and emotions, and the rebalancing of the body are beautiful outcomes of this practise.

Kinergetics is a comprehensive modality of Kinesiology that is simple, clear and gentle, encompassing other forms of energy work such as Reiki, EFT, essential oils and card readings to give your body exactly what it needs to restore balance and find its way back to wholeness. It is incredibly powerful and can transform the mind and body, restoring hope even when all other options have been exhausted.



Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning 'universal life force'. Reiki accelerates the body's ability to heal physical and emotional ailments, channelling energy to correct the imbalances of body, mind, spirit and heart. Harmonising these elements, Reiki leaves you feeling relaxed, calm, and grounded. Reiki is for everyone and everything; the time in a session is yours, to share, find stillness, or recharge.